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Combat sports, like boxing and mixed martial arts, are an exciting alternative to the major professional sports wagered on a daily basis. Betting on fights has picked up major steam in recent years with some of the biggest bouts in the history of boxing taking place and MMA spreading like wild fire across sportsbooks.

Oddsmakers set moneyline odds on fighters to win their respective matches, be it boxing, MMA or other combat sports. The favorite is often tagged with a minus moneyline, which means you must pay more to lay the favorite and will win less money if they are victorious. The underdog is usually set with a plus moneyline, which means you can wager less and win more but their odds of winning the fight aren't as great in the eyes of the oddsmakers.

One of the other popular options for those betting on fights is the round total. Similar to an Over/Under for a football or baseball game, oddsmakers predict the total number of rounds a fight will go and set a price for betting Over the round total or Under the round total.

Other propositions are available for most bouts, such as method of victory – like knockout or decision – and specific round props, allowing you to wager on which round a fighter will win the bout. The bigger the fight the more alternative wagers are available, meeting the betting demand of a rabid fight fan base.

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