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Baseball Odds and Lines

Baseball Odds and Lines

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America's Favorite Pastime is also one of its most popular sports to bet. Baseball betting is a tremendous way to get day-to-day wagering action, with teams battling through a 162-game schedule from April to October. Then, of course, you also have the MLB playoffs and World Series turning up the intensity and excitement in the fall.

Unlike sports such as football and basketball, the preferred method of betting for baseball is moneyline odds. Since a number of major league games are decided by one run, oddsmakers instead assign a price to each team to win the ball game.

The team favored to win the game usually comes with a minus moneyline, which means you need to wager a little more to win less. And the underdog comes with a plus moneyline, which means you can win more and wager a smaller amount. If a team has a moneyline of -130, you will need to wager $130 to win $100. If a team is listed at +130, you can win $130 by wagering $100.

Totals are the other standard when it comes to baseball betting. Much like other Over/Under plays, oddsmakers set the total at the expected combined number of runs scored for a single game. However, unlike betting totals in other sports, there is no clock ticking down. A 0-0 contest can still go Over in the ninth inning of a baseball game.

The most important thing to consider when it comes to wagering on baseball is the pitching matchups. Having an ace pitcher on the mound gives any team – good or bad – a chance to win. The quality of starting pitcher has a huge impact on the moneyline and Over/Under odds and you can often pay a premium to bet teams with their top arms on the mound.

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