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Tour de France Odds

Odds for the major cycling event of the year

Cycling Odds and Lines

Cycling Odds and Lines

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> Tour de France Odds

The Tour de France is the biggest cycling event on the planet. Each year, it takes place in the summer months when a lot of the major North American sports are quiet. That's why the Tour de France odds and betting them tend to be a popular event at

How To Pick A Winner?
When you're evaluating the Tour de France odds, you'll want to examine each of the cyclers and how they've been performing this year. That means you're looking at whether or not they have momentum, if they're healthy or banged up, and what their history is at the Tour de France (have they won it before?). Those are the main factors to keep in mind when betting the Tour de France.

How Do The Odds Work?
For betting on the Tour de France, you will usually see lines set up in a fractional format, which is another way of displaying a betting option's chances of winning. You might see something like this:

Vincenzo Nibali 5/2
Alejandro Valverede 3/1
Leopold Konig 10/1

If you were to bet $1 on Konig, you would win $10. If you want to bet more, of course you are able to as long as you are within the limits of, and then you would just multiply your winnings by however much you would choose to bet. This is a very simple way to look at Tour de France odds, so don't get overwhelmed when looking at the lines for an event such as the Tour de France!

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