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Straight Bets

Plain and simple, a straight bet is the most common type of bet, where you choose to bet on either team or contestant or the outcome of the game.

Straight Bets are wagers that are made against the spread

Games or competitions can basically by identified by a team that is favored over the rest, usually the favored team will be identified with a minus sign (e.g. -140) known as the "Favorite" to win the match. On the other side, the team that is less likely to win the game is known as the "Underdog" and is usually identified with a plus sign (e.g. +320).

Bet Four Types of Straight Bets:

A moneyline is an indicator of odds that a given team needs, to win the game, match or event; the favorite team has the lower of the numbers. A negative moneyline indicates how much you, as a bettor, need to risk in order to win $100, and a positive Moneyline indicates how much a player can win by risking $100. When betting on a Moneyline, your pick or selection is only required to win the game in order for you to win your wager, unless, a Draw or Tie is part of the Bet selection, in which case if the game ends up in a tie, and you bet one of the other teams, your bet will be a loss because the tie was also a bet possibility.

For Example:
Yankees-130 / Red Sox +110

In this example you will need to risk $130 in order to win $100 if you are betting the Yankees to win the game, in the other hand, you will be paid $110 for every $100 you bet on the Red Sox if they win the game.

Point Spread or Handicap
A Point Spread or Spread is where the favorite of the match, game or event not only is required to win the game or event but also needs to win by a certain amount of points, runs, goals, etc. At the same time, the team that is not favored, also known as the Underdog will be given the same amount of points, runs, goals, etc on his/her favor. Spreads go hand by hand with money lines, meaning that a certain price is usually added to the Point Spread or Handicap. ½ points, runs, goals, etc are used as tie breakers. In the event that the final score minus the handicap or vice versa adds up to 0, the bet will be considered a push or no action.

For Example:
Colts +3 -110 / Patriots -3 -110

In this example if you are betting the Patriots to win the game, they not only have to win the game but they also need to win by more than 3 Points in order for you to win your bet, because there is a -110 implied, you will also need to Risk $110 to win $100 when betting this.

Asian Handicap
Also known as "Double Handicap", is a type of point spread or handicap where the bettor's wager is divided into two different points spreads where the risk amount will be split in two identical parts.

For Example:
FC Barcelona -0.5, -1 +100

In this case, your bet will be divided into two different sport bets, one where FC Barcelona will be -0.5 and a second one where FC Barcelona will be -1.

Total Sport Bets
A total bet is a wager on the total outcome of the game and not on one of the sides. Bettors will be given the choice to bet on the score to be more or less than the specified number and it behaves the same way as a spread or a Spread or Handicap.

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