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SportsBettingOnline Asks Sports Bettors if Madden Curse Will Topple Calvin “Megatron”Johnson

By SBO Staff

Calvin Megatron Johnson Madden 2013San Jose, Costa Rica – April 26, 2012 – For most pro sports players, appearing on the cover of a popular video game box is a career-maker. For NFL players appearing on Electronic Arts’ Madden franchise, it’s meant serious downfall. But this year, no matter what happens to Calvin “Megatron” Johnson, popular sportsbook Sports Betting Online is offering betting fans the chance to profit from the legendary Madden Curse.

"The Madden Curse struck again last season,” stated Dave Johnson, head oddsmaker at SportsBettingOnline. “After gracing the cover of Madden ’12, Peyton Hillis ran for only 587 yards with three TDs and missed six games with an aggravated hamstring injury plus other numerous problems. Bettors cashed in big since we had listed the odds at -110. Needless to say we have received numerous calls and emails asking for this season's odds. We won't make the same mistake again with the Madden Curse. Our oddsmakers have made Megatron getting injured and missing a game as a heavy favorite at -200 or 2 to 1.” has a Yes bet listed at -200, meaning if a bettor needs to wager $200 to win $100. The online sportsbook has a No bet listed at +160, meaning a bettor only needs to wager $100 to win $160. For a Yes bet to win, Calvin Johnson needs to miss at least one game this season for the Detroit Lions.

Dave Johnson notes that he expects the general betting public to bet Yes heavily. SportsBettingOnline expects the odds to rise even higher than -200 in the coming weeks.

“The Curse has proven to be real against all reasonable statistical thinking,” said Dave Johnson. “Cam Newton should be the happiest man alive for coming in second place to appear on the Madden box.”

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