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NFL Super Bowl Blackjack Casino Tournament

Get started by playing any blackjack game in the Casablanca Casino (web version only) from Tuesday January 30th @ 12:00am eastern until the end of the Super Bowl week Sunday February 4th @ 11:59pm.

The ACE card for every BLACKJACK aka "natural 21" hand received during the NFL week #17 period will have a picture of one of the top 9 NFL players in the Super Bowl, as well as a Joker Card.

The more you play and hit BLACKJACK the more cards you will collect which will reflect on your personal leaderboard.

The NFL player who wins the Super Bowl MVP is the winner of the tournament. If the winner of the Super Bowl MVP is not one of our listed 9 players then the Joker card is the winner!

You will earn the equivalent of (your average bet * the total # of the winning MVP cards you collected for the week) as a CASH BONUS with NO ROLLOVER!


At the end of week #17 the player from our leaderboard who won the Super Bowl MVP is Tom Brady. During the week you collected a total of 9 Tom Brady cards in the casino while averaging $37 per hand.

You will receive a CASH BONUS with NO-ROLLOVER equal to 9 (Tom Brady cards) * $37 average bet = $333 CASH BONUS.

Players on our leaderboard who are downgraded as questionable or expected to miss will be removed from the decks as it becomes official. They will not get replaced by other players and the tournament will be judged based on the remaining players.

List of Quarterbacks Super Bowl Players:

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